Are You Truly Ready For The Arrival Of Apocalypse? X-Men Trivia!

Do you remember the events of First Class and Days Of Future Past? This trivia will test your knowledge of these first two films, to prepare you for the Apocalypse to come!

Jin Stevens
Created by Jin Stevens
On May 26, 2016
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In "First Class", a young Erik Lehnsherr is ordered to move a coin by Dr. Schmidt who is actually ...

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Who is the first person Charles Xavier meets that is, like him, a mutant?

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From what school does Xavier graduate with his thesis on "mutation"?

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Shaw wanted Colonel Hendry to advocate deployment of nuclear missiles to ...

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Who designed the "mutant locating device", and named it "Cerebro"?

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Where did Magneto get his telepathy-blocking metal helmet?

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Who causes Xavier to be paralyzed from the waist down?

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In "Days of Future Past", who is able to send someone's consciousness back in time?

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Who was responsible for creating the sentinels?

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The sentinels are able to adapt to any mutant power, because of whose DNA?

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Logan is sent back in time to what year?

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Who finally approves the sentinel program for production?

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What does Magneto use to barricade the White House?

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Who convinces young Xavier to help save the future?

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The sentinel program is cancelled because ...

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BONUS: What is Apocalypse's real name?

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