The Timberwolves Are Tearing Up The NBA! How Well Do You Know Their Big 3?

Jimmy? KAT? Wiggins? See if you can match the fact to the Timberwolves player!!

Hezus Shuttlesworth
On Jan 20, 2018
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This player is the only #1 overall pick since Chris Weber to be traded before playing a game:

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This player is friends with Mark Wahlberg and the two have vacationed together:

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This player grew up playing baseball as well as basketball:

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This player was only the 2nd Canadian ever to be drafted first overall:

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He is the only player of the 3 to have an NBA father:

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This is the only player of the 3 to be drafted by the Timberwolves:

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This player is known for being a big fan of country music:

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This is the only member of the big 3 to go to college for more than one year:

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This player currently leads the team in field goal percentage:

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