What Kind Of Mistress (Or Slave) Are You?

This quiz is based on the premise that there are five main types of Female Dominant and slaves which are drawn to each type. Realize that your type is probably not set in stone and that you may be more than one type. Feel free to come back and retake the quiz at any time!

Jessie Matthews
Created by Jessie Matthews
On Jun 13, 2015

Your perfect fantasy getaway would include ...

What is your attitude concerning punishment?

What types of service do you most enjoy?

How would you describe yourself as a Dominant?

What clothing should a Mistress wear?

Which of these activities is MOST exciting to you?

You and your partner are involved in a spanking, caning or paddling scene. Which sentence would most closely reflect the mood and feeling of the scene you would desire?

Which statement best describes your attitude toward cross-dressing and male feminization?

Which word do you most associate with Female Dominance?

If you are a submissive, select the phrase below that you most strongly agree with. If you are a Mistress, choose the submissive perspective you believe you would most likely be compatible with.

The Queen

The Queen

Congratulations! You are a Dominant Queen (or are highly attracted to them)!

The Queen's power stems from her femininity. She rules because she was born to.

The Queen is a highly affectionate Dominant and values her submissive as her partner in crime, her executive assistant, and the love of her life.

Queens have no tolerance for a submissive who does not know their place. They will not keep a submissive who challenges her authority or balks at commands for very long.

The Amazon

The Amazon

Congratulations! You are an Amazon (or are highly attracted to them)!

Amazons prefer to be more aloof and remote than some other styles of Dominant. They prefer a very physical style of Dominance that does not have to include love or romance.

The Amazon is the classic image of the commanding Dominatrix. She loves a challenge and will enjoy having a submissive who resists and needs to be broken down or put in his place.

The Goddess

The Goddess

Congratulations! You are a Dominant Goddess (or are highly attracted to them)!

You are the picture of feminine strength. You prefer to stay a bit aloof from your submissives, viewing them as beneath you.

You deserve to be worshipped and you know it! You live to be pampered, spoiled, and taken care of by your devoted submissive - but you are not a micro-manager and don't want to have to invest too much of your time or energy in directing their every action.

The Headmistress

The Headmistress

Congratulations! You are a Commanding Headmistress (or are highly attracted to them)!

You enjoy punishing naughty little boys and girls and have a growing collection of canes, crops, paddles and other implements.

For you, Dominance is all about the cycle of punishment and atonement. You love to train and mold your submissive to suit your desires.

The Nanny

The Nanny

Congratulations! You are a sweet Nanny Domme (or are highly attracted to them)!

You may enjoy auntie / nanny / mommy role play and may prefer "littles" or submissives who like to behave as though they are younger than their physical age. You might also enjoy puppy or kitty role play with you in the position of loving Owner.

Even though you may appear soft and sweet, you are still a commanding presence who demands total control of your submissive. You enjoy managing every aspect of your submissive's life including what they eat, what they wear, when they sleep, and everything they do throughout the day. Rule breaking or challenging your authority will NOT be tolerated!