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Jessica Gross
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On Apr 20, 2018
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Essay writing is used as one of the most widely used tools to evaluate the performance and understanding of the students in a particular topic or a subject of their course. The professors assign essays on different topics, and the students have to present a report on that within the stipulated time frame. The essays which are assigned to the colleges for academic evaluation fall under the category of formal essays. Thee are various rules which should be followed to write immaculate essays.
The weight of essay writing is considerably high in the final assessments, and this is the reason the students get afraid of even the name of essay writing. The time limit also loses a problem because there are so many activities which have to be completed by them in the college and even after that too. Acquiring high grades are also important for students because the marks they obtain in the academic writing tasks have a considerable impact on the final grades of the students.
The essays are given with the intention of imparting new and advanced knowledge in the students. The prestigious universities follow this criterion not only for evaluation purpose, but they also want to make their students well versed in the practical implications of the subject their students study there. Thus the essay writing becomes more important, and there is no way the students can escape from this inevitable task. By writing excellent essays, the students also get the chance to showcase their presentation and research conducting skills.
Problems the students face while writing essays
Despite the noble reason behind assigning the essay writing tasks to students, it becomes the biggest headache for them. There are many reasons which make this work more difficult. The main problems which almost all the students face while writing their essay are as following:
·        One of the most important reasons behind writing a weak report is the lack of time. The college students remain so busy in their day to day activities such as attending classes and practical workshops, participating I the extracurricular activities, preparing for the next lecture, preparing for the upcoming class test etc. That they get little or no time to write their essays correctly.
·        Many students have to work part-time because the cost of higher studies is very high and no everyone is privileged enough to get the college fees from their parents. To continue their course, they have to work in part-time jobs. No doubt the colleges or universities provide them grants, but they have to manage their time themselves. They get added the responsibility for the job and the classes. It is not possible to manage all the things with equal effectiveness, and therefore the quality of their assignments suffer because of this reason.
·        The research is a significant part of an essay, and if there includes primary research where the students have to collect first-hand data by interviewing the people, then the task becomes more problematic. Not all students feel easy with the technical and complicated procedure of research conducting. This is a valuable skill, but it also requires a lot of time to master it. Due to a shortage of time it is not possible for the students to investigate their topic thoroughly and therefore they can not produce a report as per the expectations of their professors.
·        There is one reason due to which the quality of the assignments decreases and that is the multiple assignments at the same time. Sometimes it happens that the stu8denst get two or more essay writing tasks from different professors and they all have same deadline or clashing deadline. It is the highly confusing situation as the assignment of every subject is important, and the students can not afford to overlook any one of them. But it is also not possible for them to finish all the assignments on time with all other curricular and extracurricular activities.
·        The topics which are assigned to the student at the college level are usually very truck and complex. The students need expert advice to know the purpose of the essay writing. This is essential due to the reason that the purpose of the essay gives it the characteristic. There are several types of college essays, and they differ from each other by their purpose of writing.
·        The subjects in themselves sometimes so tricky that the students do not understand them completely. Then they get an assignment to write on the particular topic of such subject they do not understand what to do for writing it. This gives rise to the procrastination, and when the students start writing the papers when the deadline starts approaching, then they cannot complete it on time.
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