Most People Can't Pass This Tricky Color Test: Is It Blue Or Black?

Can you pass this unique color test?

Jessica Favish
Created by Jessica Favish
On Dec 15, 2016

Let's start easy: Is this BLUE or BLACK?

How about this one?

Keep guessing BLUE or BLACK...

You passed!!

You passed!!


Wow! You have super-human eyesight.

Passing this test means you have incredible vision and you can easily discriminate between different shades of black and blue. You have a brilliant imagination and you're able to think outside of the box.

You failed!

You failed!

Oh no! You failed!

Based on this color test, you should probably get your eyes tested. Although you can see colors, you have difficulty differentiating between particular shades of blacks and blues. Lucky for you, you don't need to see all of the colors in the world to succeed at life! All is not lost!!