Which Manning Sister Are You?

Tempest, Verona, and Robin all have very strong personalities! Find out which one you are most alike!

Jerrica Knight-Catania
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Someone says something nasty to you. You...

It's time to get ready for the party! You...

A guy pays you a compliment. You...

You arrive at your hotel to find the accommodations
lacking. You...

Dinner is served, and it's your least favorite food. You...

You've won a free trip to anywhere in the world! Where do you go?

Your favorite color is...

Your favorite animal is...

You're Tempest

You're Tempest

You care deeply about what other people think of you! You always look presentable and you almost always know the right thing to say. But though you give an air of confidence on the outside, you're still vulnerable on the inside. One wrong word or look can drive you to tears and self doubt!

You're Verona

You're Verona

A no-nonsense gal if there ever was one! You couldn't care less what other people say or think about you, all you care about is what you can find in the pages of a book. You'd rather spend Friday night curled up by the fire reading than partying on the town. But while you come across as quiet, you have no problem speaking your mind when you need to!

You're Robin

You're Robin

Fun-loving and carefree, you laugh your way through life! Others may call you irresponsible or careless, and while that might hurt your feelings on occasion, you know there's no one you'd rather be than who you are. You might be prone to accidents and easily get into trouble, but you rarely live with regret. You're just happy to be alive!

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