Fleetwood Mac: Greatest Hits. Trivia Game.

Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Hits album was released in 1988. The content was a collection of the most popular songs pulled from several albums: Fleetwood Mac (The White Album), Tusk, Rumours, Mirage, and Tango In The Night. The questions in this game are about the songs thereon. Do you know who wrote the song? Can you finish the lyrics? Take the Quiz to find out.

On Mar 29, 2017
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FINISH THE LYRIC: Written by Christine McVie and Robbie Patton, “Hold Me” first appeared on 1982’s “Mirage.” It spent 17 weeks on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and peaked at No.4. It begins: "Can you understand me, baby, don't you hand me a line ..."