How Well Do You Know Andy Warhol?

The work of artist Andy Warhol will be showcased in the Columbia Museum of Art's exhibit of 55 images of well-known persons. The show, “From Marilyn to Mao: Andy Warhol’s Famous Faces,” which opens to the public June 12 and runs through Sept. 13.

Jeff Kidd
Created by Jeff Kidd
On Mar 29, 2017
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This is Andy Warhol's childhood home. Where is it located?

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The Andy Warhol Museum, located in his hometown, holds what distinction?

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Andy Warhol is most closely associated with which artistic movement?

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Warhol attended Carnegie Mellon University. What did he study?

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Warhol was renowned for celebrity portraits. Which celeb did he not paint?

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What was the name of Warhol's art studio, where he also made movies?

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Warhol paired German-born model/singer Nico with what American rock band (which he managed)?

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What Middle East king, overthrown by an Islamic revolution, commissioned a Warhol portrait?

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Radical feminist Valerie Solanas committed what crime against Warhol?

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Warhol died of heart arrhythmia following what kind of medical procedure?

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