Wonder Woman Shines As The First True DC Superhero Movie In Years

Rejoice and relax, superhero fans! Wonder Woman absolutely lives up to her name, and more importantly - to her legacy.

J. Dalvy
Created by J. Dalvy
On Dec 13, 2017
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In an age of Doom & Gloom...

Warner Bros. has finally wised up to what audiences not only want, but need in today's over-saturated hero market. Wonder Woman is a tight, gorgeous origin story giving us the first true hopeful-solo-hero-film since Marvel's Captain America in 2011.

Patty Jenkins displays a masterful storytelling ability whilst directing a small, close band of unique characters - a direct contrast to today's bloated & stuffed tentpole films - each more concerned with introducing a dozen protagonists to a movie universe than developing their titular hero. WW suffers no such clout, and treats us to a coming-of-age tale that feels so natural (yet needed) that it truly is a wonder it took so long to get a solo vehicle for the world's most iconic female superhero.

Diana Prince has come a long way

The film's strength is also absolutely owed to Gadot, who blissfully embodies our hero as everything a true, multi-dimensional woman is and can be. She is tough but vulnerable, empathetic yet stubborn, and capable of ogling over babies one minute and stopping an armada the next. She is, in this respect and many others, the best fleshed-out character of the DC Cinematic Universe to date and by far the most engaging.

Wonder Woman stands out for many reasons - a stellar, tight cast, phenomenal lead performances by Gadot and Chris Pine, beautiful production design, pitch-perfect directing & a bolstering, orchestral hero's score - but above all this is a film parents can watch with their children; one capable of inspiring young hearts with a sense of hope and morale that is all but absent from today's grayed cinema.

A young girl looks up to the first lead female superhero in over a decade, first posted by Juan Lapaix, May 28 near San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Perhaps it is no longer a Superman our society needs to signify truth, justice, and the American way - but rather a Wonder Woman; a true beacon of hopeful triumph in an age of uncertainty and angstful division.

Wonder Woman hits theaters June 2nd, 2017

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