This Simple Questionnaire Will Reveal Your Secret Weakness - What's Yours?

The first step forward is always realization. Ready to invigorate yourself by answering these direct questions?

J. Dalvy
Created by J. Dalvy
On Jul 17, 2018

Which of these types of dreams is more common for you?

Are you bored often?

Do you love your job?

When you think about the future, you feel:

Do you have beloved hobbies?

What about spending time outside?

That considered - What about globe-trotting? Are you a traveler?

Is your line of work the same thing you went to school for?

If you had to choose a negative word to describe life:

How about a positive one?

Ask yourself:

Ask yourself:

Boredom is a mighty crutch that can sustain even the most exciting of people. It's always there to lean on - to blame inactivity on. Life is what we make it, right? So why would anyone ever choose to be "bored"!?

Even if boredom seems imminent, it isn't. Boredom is a choice, as weird as that may seem. To sit and be bored is to sit and consciously make the decision to not occupy yourself - to not go out and explore or to learn something new. Every second spent being bored is a wasted moment that could be used opening new doors for yourself. Why sit on the couch and veg to the shows you don't even want to be watching on TV when you could go out to the library or book store and pick up a new book? In that book could be the simplest idea that changes your whole life. But you'll never know if you keep life too simple.

Get outside. Meet new people. Read more. It is always easier to say these things than to do them - but why keep it simple? You are YOU - a totally unique and interesting person. Now get out there and make yourself even MORE interesting by asking:

Am I living life to the fullest?

Ask yourself:

Ask yourself:

Such a stereotypical result, right? Wrong.

Dreamers are a rare breed. They truly are. Every person strives for happiness, but there are only so few hearts passionate enough to sincerely dream and conjure up a future so wonderful, so purely YOU that it means everything.

You are a creative person, there is no doubt about that. Yet the word "creative" gets tossed around a lot - and for one reason: Many people are creative. How many of them put their creativity to use, though? How many of these people dare to challenge their "safety" in living a steady life and chase the dream that once meant everything? The more challenging the risk, the more rewarding the outcome.

Chasing dreams seems impossible, but it isn't. The trick is in creating attainable goals - workable dreams that embody that very passion and that very "everything" you desire, without setting the bar so high that you are bound to fail. See where it takes you. YOU are a dreamer. So you must ask yourself:

Are you following your dreams?

Ask yourself:

Ask yourself:

Whether it's making the move to a brand new city, or getting yourself in shape - if you're human (which we're assuming you are), something can always change for the better! From your choices on this quiz, it seems that you are far from dissatisfied with life - which is fantastic! You may, however, need to ask yourself if you have become too set in your ways - and if certain things that aren't working aren't because of an unwillingness to change. Most commonly this results in troubles with relationships and the overarching commitment and sacrifice necessary to make one truly work.

Make no mistake, you should never have to change who YOU are for someone else, but there are things in life that require change in order for us to move forward. Sometimes, the change has to come from you- You may have to give something up in order for another area of your life to flourish. No one else can do it for you! So ask yourself:

Are you willing to change?

Ask yourself:

Ask yourself:

No one "has it all". It may seem like some do, but we promise - they're just good at balancing what they do have (and fought for). This is far from a foreign concept to you, as you've worked hard to get where you are today - and have achieved much. It's heavy though, isn't it? As a wise character once said - "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility". You have that power, and you must ask yourself if you're using it responsibly for yourself.

You may not feel like you're on top, but success should always be gauged on an individual basis - don't worry so much about what others think or what their version of success is. It's also very easy (and tempting) to associate only money with success, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Success is happiness, period. No matter how much money you have, or how shiny your belongings are - If you are happy, then you have succeeded. If you are not happy, then it is time to ask yourself:

Are you making the right decisions?