Can You Solve 6 Classic Irish Riddles? No One's Nailed Them All Yet!

If you've got a luck stone, now'd be the time to use it!

J. Dalvy
Created By J. Dalvy
On Mar 14, 2019
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Ready to give it the ol' Irish try? We'll state the riddle, then you tell us what you think the answer is. Simple enough, right? All will be revealed by the end!

1. What is it that is full of holes, but can hold plenty of water?

2. Which Irish rock is as light as a feather?

3. Which five-letter Irish surname can be spelled with just two letters?

4. What has eyes but can never see?

5. What type of bow absolutely cannot be tied?

6. Where can you find gold, but there's never really any gold at'all?

How'd you do? Did you nail 'em all?

How many of the riddles did you get correct, right off the bat?

Just one...
A pair...
Not bad, lad!
A clover!