These twenty questions will let you know! The IWC is a wildlife awareness test that assesses your ability to identify basic facts, as well as the broad habitat of key species. On what continents are Grizzly Bears found? What about hedgehogs? And which species are critically endangered?

J. Dalvy
Created by J. Dalvy
On Feb 20, 2019
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Which sex of lions do the hunting?

Where are grizzly bears naturally found?

Which of these species are highly endangered?

Which continent is NOT a species (and habitat) of elephants?

Where are Bald Eagles found?

What is this gorgeous animal?

Where are hedgehog species NOT found in the wild?

Which of these is NOT an amphibian?

Which bird species is highly endangered?

Where are alligators NOT found?

Penguins are only found in the:

The Blue Whale is the:

Where are tigers NOT found?

Which animal lays the lays the largest eggs in the world?

Where are pandas found in the wild?

What is the largest extant fish in the world?

Can insects be endangered?

Where are lemurs found?

Which beautiful parrot species is endangered?

Which is cutest? (hint: they're all correct answers)

Congratulations! You're IWC Certified as a FRIEND OF WILDLIFE!

Congratulations! You're IWC Certified as a FRIEND OF WILDLIFE!

Your results indicate someone with a deep understanding for and vast knowledge of wildlife. You're an ally for those who need it most!

Nice! You're a Friend of Wildlife!

Nice! You're a Friend of Wildlife!

You have a great love for and knowledge of animals, and are fully aware you still have more to learn. Keep at it, our animal neighbors need our help now more than ever!

You have some Exploring to do!

You have some Exploring to do!

You LOVE wildlife and the outdoors, and are aware you have a lot more to learn - which is part of the fun, right? Get out there and explore - and do some research in between!