Are You More Game Of Thrones Or Outlander?

Elaborate fantasy realm or historical fiction? The authors might be BFF, but their novels come from two very different worlds- where do you fit in?!

J. Dalvy
Created by J. Dalvy
On Feb 26, 2019

Do you believe in magic?

At work, do you think more about your future in the company or just getting through today?

Which type of TV show would you be most likely to watch?

What is your relationship style?

How are you most often perceived by the opposite sex?

Are you a good sport when you lose?

Choose your power breakfast:

Choose a fictional town to live in!

If you went to a Renaissance Festival, which would you be more excited about:

If you had an extra arm and hand, what would you do with it?



Independent, resourceful and kind, you are more Outlander! This time travel tale is one of true love and romance, but also hair-raising adventures and gritty situations. You fight for love more than you love to fight. You are interested in the natural more than the supernatural! Go out and sink your teeth into the novel series by Diana Gabaldon or the STARZ TV series based on the books!

Game of Thrones!

Game of Thrones!

Passionate, interesting and competitive, you are more Game of Thrones! You might think Westeros is all fun and games, but let's face it- it is all about who sits on the throne. You have solid, long term goals in your life that you are determined to fulfill. People see you as a leader or someone they can look to for counsel. You always seek to advance yourself in your career or your relationships, but hey- sometimes you gotta look out for #1, right?! Go out and find the Game of Thrones novel series by George RR Martin or watch the HBO TV series based on the books!