Do You Have Grammar-OCD?

Grammar Time!!

Jason Love
Created By Jason Love
On Sep 24, 2018

If you're sick, are you nauseated or nauseous?

To praise is to:

Is 'irregardless' a word?

The word 'Irony' means:

And the word 'Ultimate' means:

Satisfied is:

Pick the correct spelling:

Pick the correct statement:

If somebody is 'bemused', he is:

The word 'Compelled' means:

A preface or an introduction is a:

Which of the following is used as an object, rather than a subject?

Guarded and reserved is:

Most important is:

Spell the plural of the word 'crisis':

Nailed it!! You have Grammar-OCD!!

Nailed it!! You have Grammar-OCD!!

You definitely have Grammar-OCD.... Truth be told, you already knew that, right? You're a grammar and spelling stickler: meticulous, careful, and diligent. You have phenomenal memory, and you like things to be perfectly neat and clean. You have your way of doing stuff, which you've perfected over the years, and you won't do them any other way. Keep it up, and please enter my amazon book giveaway. If you win, you’ll get 3 books of your choice for FREE (shipping included).
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Failed:( You don't have Grammar-OCD!!

Failed:( You don't have Grammar-OCD!!

You don't have Grammar-OCD. That's good news. Right?