The TRUE Hardest Golden Girls Trivia Quiz (Of This Kind)

Most of the quizzes on this subject are too easy. Let's see if I can up the stakes a bit. No cheating!!!! Even the most devoted fan will struggle with this one.

Jason Brook
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Sophia, missing Bernice also notes that Gladys went to live with her daughter, Edie got married, Alice died, Lillian is still around, but she thinks she's:

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Nurse DeFarge, a frightening blast from Sophia's past at "Shady Pines" comes to take care of Sophia because of what reason:

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Angry about being set up with a matchmaker, Dorothy confronts Sophia with:

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Blanche learns of her husband's death:

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Dining at a literary themed restaurant with (bitch) Barbara Thorndyke, Dorothy orders:

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Dorothy, after throwing her underwear at BeatleMania's "Don", brings him home to bed. Which "Beatle" was Don?

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Which St. Olafian took Ilse Frickedeller up to Smooch Point to play, "Hide The Fingerborg" right before she sat on his compass?

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Sophia forgets her wedding anniversary, and Dorothy takes her on a mother daughter trip to:

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The concept for The Golden Girls came from a skit during an awards ceremony. The humorous exchange was executed by which of the following?

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Rose's first love was:

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Dorothy pledges to stop using Blanche's towels because of her vivid fantasies about:

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Dorothy, finds herself in a love triangle with Lyle Waggoner and Sonny Bono. Who does she choose?

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Of all of Rose's crazy Scandinavian dishes, which was the ONLY one that was a real recipe?

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Who stabs Sophia in the back?

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Which Minnesota town near St. Olaf can only be reached by jumping out of the airplane?

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How many men did Rose bring to a fevered pitch of uncontrollable ecstasy before she met Charlie?

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Which charity banquet were the girls working on while Rose was waiting for her HIV test results?

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Blanche is frequently seen reading the same book in several episodes. That book is:

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Reminiscing of her farm days, Rose told of how she had to feed the chickens, slop the hogs, muck the stalls, and after she finished all that, she still had to take care of:

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In addition to Rose's sisters Holly (a bitch), and Lily (blind), Rose reveals she has one more flower-named sister. Her name is:

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