Only Premium Bartenders Can Ace This Cocktail Quiz

Can you shake and stir cocktails like the best of 'em?

Jasmine Park
Created By Jasmine Park
On Jun 12, 2019
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James Bond committed the ultimate bartending faux pas when he asked that this drink be, "shaken, not stirred."

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This tool helps bartenders create the perfect pour every time.

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Which term describes a drink served at room temperature, with no ice or chilling?

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These cocktail additives, made from herbs and roots, are used to make both a Manhattan and the classic martini.

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How can you estimate the proof of a liquor?

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Which of the following is NOT typically found in an Old-Fashioned?

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Which two ingredients make up a martini?

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Made in Mexico, this liquor serves as the foundation for the margarita.

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What type of glass should you use to serve brandy?

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What tool helps bartenders crush fruit?

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