Is Your Life A Dream Or A Nightmare?

Is life super easy for you? Or is it a daily struggle?

Jasmine Park
Created by Jasmine Park
On Jan 15, 2018

Which of these demons look the friendliest?

What would you rather drink before bed?

Which of these Salvador Dali paintings are you drawn to?

Do you believe in luck?

Which Monsters Inc monster are you?

If you died tomorrow, would you have any regrets?

Is there anything missing from your life?

Which movie about the dream world is most like your life?

Your life's a Dream

Your life's a Dream

Lucky you! You're life is a god damn dream! In your world, the clouds are made of cotton candy and your best friend is a fairy. Must be nice!

Your life's a Nightmare

Your life's a Nightmare

Yikes! Life isn't easy for you, in's often like a god damn nightmare! The clouds are always dark and grey and your best friend is a real-life demon. Spooky!