Are You A Party Animal? Or A Wallflower?

What's your true party personality? Are you a Wallflower? Or a Party Animal? Take this quiz to find out!

Jasmine Park
Created By Jasmine Park
On Nov 1, 2018

Pick an outfit to wear to a party:

Pick your ideal halloween costume:

Pick a type of alcohol to consume at the party:

Pick a song to skip to on the playlist:

How many people have you kissed?...Ballpark

What is your ideal birthday celebration?

Do you suffer with either anxiety or depression, or both?

How many good friends do you have?

You are...A Party Animal

You are...A Party Animal

When you go to a party, you go all out. You live for the thrill! You get invited to a ton of parties and end up chugging beer and dancing 'til your feet are sore almost every single time.

You are...A Wall Flower

You are...A Wall Flower

You prefer to stay in the background at parties. You're an observer and also have a huge thing for mini canapés.