Are You A Clingy Lover? Take This Quiz To Find Out

Are you one of those clingy lovers? I'm sure you've assumed that you act more or less normal in your past relationships, but this quiz might say otherwise!

Jasmine Park
Created by Jasmine Park
On Nov 1, 2018

True or false? If I'm not in a relationship, I'm nobody:

I love trying to fix other people's problems:

I like to let my partner make the majority of the decisions:

I tend to break off from the relationship once I start becoming "too close" to someone:

When I get married, I would make sure that I have a room all to myself:

In general, it's hard for me to let people get close to me:

I worry that my partner cares less about me than I do about them:

If my partner asked me to stop hanging with a certain friend, I would:

Yes...You are a clingy lover

Yes...You are a clingy lover

Eek...according to your answers you're a clingy lover. You tend to smother your partner but you don't do it because you love them so much, you do it because you're afraid they'll leave you.

No...You are not a clingy lover

No...You are not a clingy lover

You have this attitude in most of your relationships that you don't really need them . You act like you don't need them because if you let them close to you, it'll hurt too much when they eventually dump you. What a way to live!