How Soon Do You Move On After A Breakup?

Do you sign up to a dating app on the same day? Or do you stay to cry in bed a few weeks after?

Jane Chapman
Created By Jane Chapman
On Aug 31, 2017

Your boyfriend broke up with you. How would you react?

Which dating app would you join after the breakup?

How would you try to get your ex's attention?

How long does it take you to delete his photos from your mobile?

You realized you forgot some stuff at his place, nothing too important. What would you do?

Your ideal way to deal with a broken heart is...

What was your shortest period between two relationships?

Will you stalk him on social media?

You take your time

You take your time

It's good to relieve the burden slowly, just to let it all out.
But you know, if he doesn't want you, it's his loss, and you deserve someone who'll want you back.
There are many others out there, just grab your BFF or your mobile - and go find it!

Faster than Taylor!

Faster than Taylor!

Boom! That's how you need to roll!
He's no longer part of your life, and you're trying to deal with it in the best way we all know- with someone else.
Just take a deep breath, let it all out and move on!

Even before the relationship ends!

Even before the relationship ends!

"We were on a BREAK!"....Yeah, well sometimes it's good to catch a breath between two partners, just to find out about yourself and how you can deal with those situations.
A nice girls' night out with your squad can really help!