The Jane Austen Quiz - Imagine Meeting You Here!

How well acquainted are you with these meetings of characters in Austen's novels?

Created by JaneAustenCentre
On Aug 21, 2017
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Jane Austen dedicated her novel 'Emma' to the Prince Regent. How many times did Jane meet him?

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When Mr Darcy visits his aunt, Lady Catharine, he comes face to face with Elizabeth once more. Where are they when this first happens?

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When Captain Wentworth sees Anne Elliot again for the first time after more than seven years apart, where is he?

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Where did Frank Churchill and Jane Fairfax meet?

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When Catherine Morland spots Henry and Eleanor Tilney on their way to call on her (while she is en route to Blaize Castle), where in Bath are they?

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Marianne first meets Willoughby on what occasion?

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Where is she when Elizabeth Bennet first meets Georgiana Darcy?

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The first character the reader meets in 'Emma' is Emma herself. Which "friend" of Emma's do we then meet within the next few paragraphs?

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When Fanny Price is first introduced to her Bertram cousins, how old is she?

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When we first meet Kitty Bennet, what is she doing?

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