Jane Austen's Persuasion

Persuasion, possibly Jane's most romantic novel; how well do you know it? Ten questions to test your power over Persuasion!

On Feb 7, 2018
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When faced with growing debts, Elizabeth Elliot suggests to her father that they might undertake to cut off "some unnecessary charities", and what other act of economy?

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Which of these pastimes did Captain Harville not undertake?

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What had caused Sir Walter Elliot to fall out with William Elliot?

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What physical feature does Mrs Clay possess, which Elizabeth Elliot believes means that Sir Walter Elliot would never think of marrying her?

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What kind of concert did Lady Dalrymple hold at the Octagon Room?

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What injury did little Charles Musgrove obtain when he fell out of a tree?

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Which of these does Sir Walter believe to be a side-effect of being in the navy?

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Who tries to convince Anne that Captain Benwick is in love with her?

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Who was the first visitor to visit Anne and Captain Wentworth in their "settled life"?

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Who wrote the preface 'Biographical Notice of the Author' which appeared in Persuasion?

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