Jane Austen on Marriages and Matrimony

Jane's novels certainly aren't short of marriages, but can you remember the details...?

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On Apr 24, 2018
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In which of these books does the largest number of marriages take place?

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Who saves Jane Fairfax's life, leading to the speculation that he will marry her?

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Who is the oldest single woman in one of Jane's novels to find a husband and get married?

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How many of Lydia Bennet's relatives are present at her wedding?

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In Sense and Sensibility, who is Sir John Middleton married to?

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Which of these men had only one wife during his lifetime?

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What does Mr Woodhouse not want to provide for Miss Taylor's wedding?

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Which of these characters loses their first fiancé(e) through no fault of their own?

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Which of these characters does not marry by the end of the novel they are in?

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Which of these men has their first offer of marriage accepted?

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