Jane Austen and Literary Red Herrings

Bronte, Shaw, Heyer, Woolf...so many great authors with famous works, but can you pick the answer that appears in a work by Austen from this sea of literary red herrings?

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On Feb 14, 2018
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Which one of these is the name of a fictional estate created by Austen?

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Which of these literary ladies was a character created by Austen?

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Which of these is an Austen quote?

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Can you remember which of these characters was portrayed by Claudie Blakley and came from the imagination of Miss Austen?

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Which of these ships did Austen write about in Persuasion?

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Which of these wealthy heiresses was a creation of Austen's?

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Which of these is a mode of transport you would find in an Austen novel?

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Which of these prime ministers shared their surname with an admiral in Persuasion?

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Which of these characters was a character in the play "Lovers' Vows", which featured in Austen's Mansfield Park?

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Which of these is a first line from an Austen work?

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