A Jane Austen Quiz - Who Said That About Whom?

Characters in Jane's novels aren't short of opinions on their friends, family and neighbours. Can you remember who these quotes belong to? And who they were talking about?

Created by JaneAustenCentre
On Mar 7, 2018
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“He simpers, and smirks and makes love to us all, I am prodigiously proud of him”

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“I do not attempt to deny that I think very highly of him – that I greatly esteem, that I like him”

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“Well, well, ladies are the best judges, but ____ is rather too piano for me”

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“_____ is just the kind of man whom everyone speaks well of and nobody cares about; whom
all are delighted to see, and nobody remembers to talk to.”

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“Here is a young man of sense, of character, of temper, of manners and of fortune, exceedingly attached to you.”

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“It is very bad to have children with one, …that one can only keep in tolerable order by more cake than is good for them”

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“____ has a great deal too much of the Elliot pride”

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“He is a fine old fellow, upon my soul! – stout, active – looks as young as his son. I have a great regard for him, I assure you”

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“A man must have a very good opinion of himself when he asks people to leave their own fireside and encounter such a day as this, for the sake of coming to see him.”

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“Exceed their income! ... What are you talking of? Why he has four or five thousand a year and very likely more.”

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