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James Rothwell
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On Jun 8, 2015
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Which of these actors has never played Hamlet?

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How many of Shakespeare's plays feature eye-gouging?

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In this scene from Laurence Olivier's 1955 film version of Richard III, what happens next?

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At the close of Titus Andronicus, the eponymous hero...

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Which play coined the phrase "What the dickens?"

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How many of Shakespeare's characters commit suicide?

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Which of these images is *not* taken from a film adaption of a Shakespeare play?

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In King Lear, Regan and Goneril are subjected to a mock trial in a farm house. In which version of the play is this scene omitted?

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What happens next in this scene from the 1965 film of Othello, also starring Laurence Olivier?

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Complete this exchange from Macbeth -
Son: Thou liest, thou shag-hair'd villain!

First Murderer: What, you ___

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Which football club is named after a Shakespeare character?

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