How Will You Be Proposed To?

How will bae pop the big question?

James Ronson
Created By James Ronson
On Jul 21, 2016

Where did you meet your partner?

What was your first date like?

What was the best part of your new relationship?

What kind of engagement ring are you hoping for?

Who would you tell first about your engagement?

How do you imagine your dream wedding?

And how about your honeymoon?

Describe your partner.

How long have you been together?

Would you have a wedding theme?



You're big, bold and love being the centre of attention - and that's why your partner should propose via a flashmob. Your favourite song, some carefully choreographed dance moves and, most importantly, everyone looking at you. Perfect.

In front of family and friends

In front of family and friends

There's nothing more important to you than family - and that includes your friends, too, who you're extremely close to. You couldn't think of anything better than a proposal in front of people who mean so much to you - it's the most important moment of your life, so who better to share it with?

Intimate and romantic

Intimate and romantic

You and your partner are a team. You always have each other's backs, and it's kind of you against the world - and you always win. A quiet, romantic proposal with just the two of you would be the perfect, intimate way to show your love for one another.