Only A History Guru Will Know Which Of These 11 Facts About Ancient Rome Are Actually True

According to legend, the city of Rome was founded on 21 April 753 BC on the banks of the Tiber river. The city would evolve from a fledging kingdom, to a Republic, to an expansive empire, and eventually become one of the most consequential civilizations in human history.

From palace coups, to Senatorial conspiracies, to Praetorian mischief, the history of Rome is a fascinating one. If you consider yourself an expert, take our quiz below to see if you can suss out what "facts" about Rome are true and which we invented.

Jake Geers
Created by Jake Geers
On May 10, 2021

Only A History Guru Will Know Which Of These 11 Facts About Ancient Rome Are Actually True

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Julius Caesar forced his great nephew Octavian to drink a cup of his blood before declaring him his heir.

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It was treason for anyone other than the emperor to dress completely in purple.

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On March 28th, 193 AD the Praetorian guards held an auction held to determine who they would make the next Emperor.

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The Western Empire fell in 395 AD when the Emperor Honorius traded Ravenna for a flock of chickens.

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The Emperor Commodus tried to rename the capital city of "Rome" after himself.

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Romans washed their clothes (and sometimes their mouths out) with urine.

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While feasting, Romans would induce vomiting so that they could keep eating.

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On his deathbed, Emperor Constantine declared he would be the last Emperor to rule a united Rome. And he was right.

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Gladiator blood was used as a medical treatment.

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The Roman Republic was briefly restored after the reign of Caligula because he tried to install his horse as his heir.

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Romans drank pig dung as an energy drink. Emperor Nero in particular was a big fan of this drink.

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