It’s Pride Month! Discover How Much You Know About the LGBTQ+ Culture

With pride going full steam ahead in the United States, it's worth taking some time to reflect on the history of LGBTQ+ rights. It's too easy to think of gay pride as just a time to party, but the truth is, pride is a protest for civil liberties. It's important to remember the details — test your knowledge below.

Jake Geers
Created by Jake Geers
On Jun 14, 2021

If You Can Get These 10 Questions Right, You're A True Expert On LGBTQ+ Pride Month

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What nation has the record for the largest pride parade?

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Who has never been given the credit for throwing the first brick at the Stonewall Inn Riot?

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In what year did public protests for gay rights begin in the United States?

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In 1966, The Mattachine Society held a "sip in" at the Julius Bar to challenge a ban on serving alcohol to gays.

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The Stonewall riots broke out on June, 28, 1969 in San Francisco.

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When was the first Gay Pride parade in the United States?

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What 1983 Supreme Court case upheld Georgia's ban on gay sex?

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Which Supreme Court case overturned the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) that defined marriage as being between a man and a woman?

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In 2000, this state became the first to legalize gay civil unions.

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In the United States, what month is LGBTQ+ pride typically celebrated?

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