Can You Guess Which Of These Hilarious Headlines Were Really Printed in 2021?

After a hectic 2020, folks around the world were hoping that 2021 would be more, well...normal! Alas, so far it seems like we are in for another wacky year — but how wacky is it, exactly?

Can you guess which of the following headlines are real stories featured in the news so far in 2021 and which we just made up?

Jake Geers
Created by Jake Geers
On May 10, 2021

Can You Guess Which Of These Absurd Headlines Were Really Printed in 2021?

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"Sydney man finds snake in lettuce bought at supermarket"

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"Georgia Man Receives Final Paycheck Of $915 In Oil-Covered Pennies With A ‘F**k You’ Note"

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"Florida Man Who Robs Pastry Shop Says 'Ghost Of Uncle' Told Him To Do It"

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"Bake news: ‘Dangerous’ beast in tree turns out to be croissant"

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"'Where's Grandpa?' 87-Year-Old grandfather floats away on Air Mattress during Camping Trip"

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"Canada MP Appears Naked On Parliament Zoom"

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"Catholic Cardinal Shares Cryptic Tweet On Whether God Advises Investing in Bitcoin"

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"Man Orders Apples from supermarket, gets an Apple iPhone Instead"

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"Man arrested after calling Long Island medical facility about lost cocaine"

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"4 Pennsylvania teen girls accused of setting house fire because ‘they were bored’"

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Hostess King: 37-year-old Michigan farmer claims to be married to 'Little Debbie'"

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