10 Things That Happened to Paris Hilton... Or Did They?

Are you ready for "Cooking with Paris?" That's Hot.

Jake Geers
Created by Jake Geers
On Aug 17, 2021

The tabloid queen is back! Not with a new scandal, but with a show on Netflix, "Cooking with Paris". This is why we invite you to find which of these shocking incidents are real, and which we made up.

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Can You Guess Which Of These 10 Paris Hilton Scandals Are True And Which We Made Up?

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Paris Hilton said Matt Bomer shouldn't star in the 50 Shades of Grey movie because he's gay.

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Paris Hilton was arrested for possession of cocaine in 2021.

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Paris Hilton was banned from Yankee Stadium after selling steroids to a player in 2008.

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Paris Hilton got busted for marijuana possession multiple times in a single month in July 2010.

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Paris Hilton was cited in 2007 for burning her dress in public after losing a beauty contest.

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Paris Hilton was "cancelled" in 2014 after defrauding GoFundMe sponsors who were donating to send Paris to the moon.

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In 2015, Paris Hilton threatened to sue pranksters who made her believe her plane was crashing.

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Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian's friendship died for many years after Paris described Kim's butt as "cottage cheese inside a big trash bag."

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Paris Hilton is currently in court after signing away her portions of the Hilton family fortune while on a drunken bender in Baja California.

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Paris Hilton temporarily retired from public life in 2015 after her dog attacked a gold star family.

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