Answer These 11 SAT Questions And See If You've Gotten Smarter Since High School

Do you remember all the time you spent in high school stressing over the SAT (or other standardized tests)? Those tests determined a lot about our future, but now that our future is here we thought it'd be fun to look back!

Take another run at some SAT questions and see if you have gotten smarter than "back in the day!"

Jake Geers
Created by Jake Geers
On Aug 26, 2021

Answer These 11 SAT Questions And See If You've Gotten Smarter Since High School

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A race car driver has completed 12 1/2 laps of a 50 lap race. What fractional part of the race remains?

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"To alleviate rush hour traffic jams in a congested downtown area, stoplight timing is coordinated."
Which revision best maintains the sentence's meaning?

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What is this line's slope?

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If M is the set of positive multiples of 2 less than 150 and N is the set of positive multiples of 9 less than 150, how many members are there in M and N?

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If a trader purchased a few items and sold all except 10 items at a profit of 10% on each item and recovered his total cost of purchasing all the items, how many items did the trader purchase?

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If Dave drove one-third of the distance of his trip on the first day, and 60 miles on the second day, he figured out that he still had 1/2 of the trip to drive. What was the total length, in miles, of his trip?

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Some might believe that social media is a bit wieldy when it comes to establishing and nurturing relationships with clients.

What would you change the underlined word to in order to best establish meaning?

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If x=4 and y=2, then 2/3(x+y)(x-y) = ___

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Eddie is 7 years older than Brian. If Brian is x years old, then how old was Eddie 11 years ago?

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How many even integers are between −20/3 and 37/5

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What is eight more than twice the greatest negative integer?

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