Discover How Well You Know Harrison Ford’s Career With This True or False Quiz

July 13th is Harrison Ford's birthday, one of the world's most well-known and iconic actors. From playing the rogue Han Solo in the Star Wars universe, to the adventurous Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford is known for being an on-screen badass.

But can you claim the mantle of being a true Harrison Ford expert by identifying which of these ten "facts" are true and which we made up?

Jake Geers
Created by Jake Geers
On Aug 29, 2021

10 True Or False Questions About Harrison Ford's Most Iconic Movie Roles

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Kevin Costner was originally set to star in Air Force One, but Ford was his replacement after Costner backed out.

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Harrison Ford took up carpentry to support himself in LA before his acting career took off.

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His first screen role was so minor that it was uncredited.

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Harrison Ford's initial Star Wars contract only promised a $5,000 salary.

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Ford almost appeared in Jurassic Park but ultimately turned down the role of Dr. Alan Grant.

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Ford has been the star in four out of 10 of the biggest film blockbusters in world history.

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Harrison Ford was the first actor ever to film a scene in Earth's orbit.

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While Han Solo was his breakout role, Ford has admitted that Indiana Jones is the favorite character he's played.

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Ford's trademark chin scar has been incorporated into at least two movie plots.

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Ford has numerous false teeth after losing many of his real teeth in a stunt for a TV show gone wrong.

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