Which Elder Scrolls Alliance Should You Join?

Jumping in to The Elder Scrolls Online or a veteran looking to create a new character? Come find out which faction and alliance you should truly devote your time to!

Jack ONeil
Created by Jack ONeil
On Jul 15, 2015

Which of these do you prefer as a reward for victory in a quest?

Choose a Weapon Style:

Choose the superior Dominion Race:

Choose the superior Daggerfall Race:

Choose the superior Ebonheart Race:

What role would you prefer to fill?

Which locale would you prefer to explore?

You skill tree always seems to develop most in which area?

You should join the Aldmeri Dominion

You should join the Aldmeri Dominion

When word reached the High Elves of Summerset that the Imperial City had fallen under the control of the human supporters of Molag Bal, the Aldmeri Dominion was formed.

As an intellectual and naturally pensive individual, you are perfectly suited for the Aldmeri Dominion's cause. Your affinity for history and eye for detail will fit right into the "preservation" cause of these three allied races of old. Nothing infuriates you more than stupidity and ignorance - something this alliance was forged to stop directly. You realize the value of a "humble soul", but also know when to put others in their place. And that time is now.

The High Elves reached out to the neighboring races of Wood Elves and Khajiit with a plea that their combined forces might prevent the younger races of Tamriel from bringing disaster to the world, as they had so many times in the past.

The High Elves were the original settlers of Tamriel and created the common tongue used throughout the continent today. They are also naturally proficient with magic.

The Wood Elves inhabit the thick, near-impenetrable forests of Valenwood. They are supreme hunters, guides, and masters in sneaking and thievery. They are also the most gifted archers in all of Tamriel.

The Khajiit, a proud feline race, are fearsome warriors, proficient with bladed weapons. They stand proudly at the forefront of every battle.

The power and determination of the Aldmeri Dominion should not be underestimated, nor should you!

You should join the Daggerfall Covenant

You should join the Daggerfall Covenant

The Daggerfall Covenant is formed by the three races of northwest Tamriel , united by High King Emeric to fulfill a common goal and take back the Ruby Throne.

For you, life in Tamriel is not about glory, but prosperity and opportunity. You are the ultimate underdog - A truly gifted, malleable soul who's willing to do anything to survive. Morals were made to be flexible anyway, right? Life's too short to be tied down and restricted - nothing angers you more than a loss of control. You aim to control your own destiny - forever a rogue and adventurer at heart! As such, you're perfectly suited to take on one of the three allied races within the Covenant:

The Bretons have the gifts of magic and diplomacy. The Orcs are stalwart soldiers and talented armorers who manufacture the finest weapons and armor in all of Tamriel. The Redguards are supremely athletic, and raised to be outstanding warriors from the moment they’re born.

The Daggerfall Covenant’s varied talents make it a force to be reckoned with, as are you!

You should join the Ebonheart Pact

You should join the Ebonheart Pact

The Ebonheart Pact is the most unlikely of the three alliances. The Nords and Dark Elves have a long history of conflict, and the Argonians were enslaved by the Dark Elves for thousands of years.

For you, Glory is absolute - and gold is but a minor perk accompanying the blood of your enemies upon your blade. You have the heart of a warrior, whether it be with the massive, sturdied hands of a Nord, the nimble claws of an Argonian mercenary, or as an all-powerful Dunmer Fire Mage. One way or another, you were born to succeed on the battlefield - which clearly marks your destiny with the Ebonheart Pact!

It was the Akaviri invasion that forged a bond between these unlikely allies. Now they are determined to control their own destiny by defeating the Empire, while preserving their own fiercely independent homelands. The Nords are the brash, boisterous front line of the Pact; fierce warriors and expert weapon masters. The Dark Elves have a natural affinity for magic. The Argonians are the best guerilla warriors in Tamriel.

The combined strength of these unlikely allies makes the Ebonheart Pact a fighting force of extraordinary power, just like you.

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