Which Badass Retro Movie Woman Are You?

Jack ONeil
Created By Jack ONeil
On Feb 25, 2019
Who was your 2000s MAN CRUSH?Noah!AragornHarry PotterWolverine!James Bond!Jack SparrowHow do you feel about using the word "girl"?I prefer "woman"."Girls" kick ass, so why should it matter?I AM NO MAN... Wait, what was the question?It's fun and playful as opposed to overly serious.What stage of life were you at in the 2000s?College Mode!Taking care of my own children!Doing my own thing.Single and roaming the world!Gradeschool, school, and more school.Which is YOUR color?Midnight BlueRoyal PurpleScholar TealNatural GreenElectric YellowNeon PinkWhich of these is a "gift" (or curse) you possess?I defy "social norms" on a regular basis.I can be extremely manipulative and sly if need be.I never get homesick and am an adventurer at heart.I never give up. Ever.I can charm my way out of anything :)I'm kind of the smartest person I know.Which 2000s blockbuster would you watch first?What's your weapon of choice?SwordWandMy HandsBookWhich Historical Female Badass is your hero?Amelia EarhartAnnie OakleyRosa ParksJoan of ArcSacagaweaMarie Curie