This Basic Shapes Test Is WAY Harder For Most Adults Than It Should Be

Do you know your Rhombuses from your Trapezoids? How about your equilateral triangles from obtuse ones?

Jack ONeil
Created By Jack ONeil
On Jun 21, 2018

Identify the square:

Identify the pentagon:

Identify a parallelogram:

Identify the obtuse triangle:

Identify the rectangle:

Identify the right (angle) triangle:

Identify the hexagon:

Identify the rhombus:

Identify the octagon:

Identify the acute triangle:

Identify the decagon:

Identify the trapezoid:

Identify the heptagon:

Identify the isosceles triangle:

Identify the nonagon:

You Know A Bit About Shapes

You Know A Bit About Shapes

You may not be an expert in geometry, but you are at least familiar with the basic and slightly more advances shapes. To you, the difference between a scalene and obtuse triangle may be trivial, but if anyone asks you what an octagon is you'll have the right answer!

You Are Geometrically Inclined!

You Are Geometrically Inclined!

Not bad at all, you certainly know your geometry!

You have a knack for shapes and the intricacies of their design, and were able to answer almost every question correctly. This is not something to take lightly, as most people leave this valuable knowledge behind after gradeschool. Well done!

You're the Shape of a CHAMPION!

You're the Shape of a CHAMPION!

WOW! You are quite the geometry whiz! You aced it!

Some of the terminology used in this quiz is advanced, and you obviously excel in this area - having answered questions that over 90% of the population is (unfortunately) unfamiliar with. Well done!