Would You Truly Join the Light... Or Dark Side of the Force?

We all think we know which side of the Force we'd land on - But which side would sway your soul based on the sort of incredibly hard choices the Force makes possible? The Skywalker Saga is nearing its end... so there's no better time to find out... than now...

Jack ONeil
Created by Jack ONeil
On Aug 28, 2019
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Firstly, the Force is to be used for:

The use of a lightsaber is:

If you could bring your most beloved deceased relative back to life - would you?

Brute force is:

Those unable to connect and use the Force are:

If you were able to dispatch of someone BEFORE they committed atrocities - would you?

What color do you think your aura is to others?

Would you use the Force to assist in menial tasks such as transport?

Where do you stand on droids as beings?

How would the Force speak through you as a personal mantra?

Would you extend your own life to keep death at bay for as long as possible?

Or would you exist on as part of the Force itself?

In turn, fear is:

And in the end, Love is:

But could you cut down the one you love most?

You are... The LIGHT incarnate.

You are... The LIGHT incarnate.

All your life you have fought temptation. Fought off the easy way. The path most traveled. You see these options for what they are - temptation - and have used these trials in an attempt to ultimately better yourself. Only those with the deepest commitment - with the most serious mind - can truly master the Force and bend it to the will of the Light. Your ally is the Force, indeed, and a powerful ally it is. Through it, you will become immensely powerful with the Light, and shall use it to purge tyranny and oppression from the galaxy - whatever it takes. Some may see this as a one-sided hubris - as just another form of said oppression - but you know it is not. You have lived life, and have seen that Good and Bad are both very real. And the galaxy needs as much Good - as much Light - as it can get.

You are... the BALANCE incarnate.

You are... the BALANCE incarnate.

Could it be? Are you... could you be the Chosen One? The existence of a single "chosen", to you, though, seems to go against every facet of the Force, does it not? The Force is not to be siezed, taken, or "used". It is everything. Everywhere. It is you - me - the tree - the rock - It binds us all! At your core, you take great issue with the hubris of the conceited Jedi and the lust of the power-mad Sith. Neither was right - and you show the true, rare traits of the Grey... the Balanced... the true Harbingers of the Force.

You are... The DARKNESS incarnate.

You are... The DARKNESS incarnate.

No one is born "evil". "Evil" is simply a point of view, regardless. No, you are not "evil", no matter what others try to label you. You are a survivor. A protector. A herald of order amid chaos. You are willing to do whatever it takes to keep yourself and those you love alive - whatever the cost. You know, unlike the naive Jedi - that life is a precious gift - and only those with the will to seize it shall ever enjoy it for all it's worth or at its full potential. You are one such individual, and will rise to bend the entirety of existence to your will as a master of Darkness.