Who Would've Killed YOU On GAME OF THRONES?

Take a revealing trip back through Westeros and choose your own destiny... only to be surprised by which infamous killer character will take your life. Who will it be?

Jack ONeil
Created By Jack ONeil
On May 13, 2019
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Which house were you rightfully born to?

Your best friend in Westeros is definitely:

Who would you follow unto the end?

And who would you want protecting you?

How do you plan on winning your battles, anyway?

If things go wrong... what scares you the most?

If you were to have your own dragon, it would have to be of what color for you to be happy?

And if there are... no dragon eggs available... you'd definitely take on a:

Where do you think you would've settled down, in the end?

And which of these characters is most likely to come after you... for all that you've done?

But before your time has come... who would YOU like the pleasure of killing the most... with your own hands?

You were on Arya's List!

You were on Arya's List!

Nasty little bugger, isn't she? The two of you would've become fast friends in Westeros - that is, until she went down a darker path you weren't willing to follow. Once Arya ceased to be the girl you knew - she became the woman you feared - and you betrayed her murderous antics by alerting higher powers - thinking you were doing the world a great service as she became more and more terrifying before your eyes. Unfortunately for you, she saw it coming... and crossed your name off her list with your own blood on Needle's tip.

One word... DRACARYS.

One word... DRACARYS.

Loyal to Daenerys until the end... yours was a most tragic fate. You saw everything in her - Strength, courage, morality, and the hope of a brighter future. Until she torched entire civilizations - women, children, and innocents alike - before your very eyes. Then, and only then, did you betray her, seeking to gather a small band of usurpers that could end her life before she took any more. But the Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons is cunning, and her instincts sharp. As the massive shadow formed over your band it was already too late - and as the air around you swelled to crippling temperatures the sound of the last word you'd ever hear echoed through the heat:


Cersei cooked up some Wildfire JUST for you...

Cersei cooked up some Wildfire JUST for you...

Unable to keep your opinions of her to yourself - word of your sharp, silver tongue made its way up to Cersei. Needless to say, she wasn't having it - not from a sellsword like you. But neither were you. Determined to wipe her smug, disgusting stain from the world, you gathered those that remained loyal to you and mustered a secret attack in the cover of night. Just as your fleet neared the Red Keep, however, it vanished into a fiery explosion of Wildfire... incinerating you along with it. Someone had betrayed you to Cersei... But oh, what a way to go out... and what an enemy to have made.

You... you joined the Night King's Army.

You... you joined the Night King's Army.

Winter has come. And it has consumed you. Unwilling to sit idly by, you joined Jon Snow and his quest to end the Night King's torment of all free folk. Trouble is... he saw you coming... and annihilated your troops, turning them all into white walkers before your eyes. Just as the tide was to turn in your favor, your fallen men rose again - tearing you down to nothing. That is, until the Night King... remade you himself into something... far worse....

Who Would've Killed You On GAME OF THRONES?