How Well Do You Know The Emperor For His Return in The Rise Of Skywalker?

Are you prepared for Emperor Palpatine's incredible return in STAR WARS -Episode 9 - THE RISE OF SKYWALKER? Find out now, Star Wars fans!

Jack ONeil
Created by Jack ONeil
On Dec 20, 2019
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How Well Do You Know The Emperor Before His Return in Episode IX?

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Firstly, what is the Emperor's actual name?

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When is the last time, chronologically, we actually saw the Emperor alive?

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Before he was Emperor, Palpatine rose to what role in the Republic?

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BEFORE THAT, he was but a charismatic Senator of this planet:

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As Senator, Palpatine manipulates Queen Amidala into a vote of "no confidence" in whom?

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What character is manipulated into granting Palpatine 'emergency powers'?

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During the Clone Wars, Palpatine fakes an attack from _____, further deceiving the Jedi into allowing his control over the Clones.

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In another master manipulation, Palpatine tells Anakin The Tragedy of:

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Who leaves Palpatine "scarred and deformed" after a terrible clash of powers?

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Which character mentions the Emperor's dissolving of the Senate in A New Hope?

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In THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, Palpatine only speaks of one character to Vader:

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Palpatine then shows in person to oversee the construction of:

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After failing to turn Luke to the Dark Side, the Emperor is then Killed by Vader, who throws him:

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Years later, the Emperor's voice is then heard during which character's Force Vision?

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Rey then learns of Palpatine/Sidious' ultimate success at the hands of the Jedi's failures from:

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The remnant's of the Emperor's Second Death Star will be seen here in THE RISE OF SKYWALKER, which is most likely on the planet of:

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