Are You On Santa's Naughty or Nice List This Year?

We're looking at YOU, internet trolls.

Jack ONeil
Created by Jack ONeil
On Feb 20, 2019
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Have you, at any point during 2018, been THIS PERSON?

Have you, at any point during this year, posted a cryptic "Life is so terrible omg" status update, had people commenting & ask what's wrong, and then replied to them with an "I don't wanna talk about it" when, clearly, you do?

Have you, at any point during this year, left an online review simply so you could $#!T all over an establishment? Or called a business up JUST to complain?

Have you, at any point during 2018, left a F$*%NG shopping cart in a parking spot!?

Do you really plan to shop on Thanksgiving day? REALLY?

And finally... Will you... WILL YOU REALLY... Be spreading Christmas Cheer this season?



Gracious me, could it be? You're on the Naughty List we see! We'd make the rest of this rhyme for you but we don't want your heart growing any sizes from joy, now do we? But don't fret! You're in good company on the naughty list - T-Swift released a song about some feud with Kanye while the world goes to hell, and Bono and U2 are STILL here for that god-awful album they forced upon all Apple products way back. None of those #Nazi pricks are here, though. There on Santa's "Straight to Hell" list.



Bless your soul, you're on Santa's Nice List! You enjoy giving presents more than receiving them, and are totally THAT person when it comes to spreading Christmas Cheer loud for all to hear! You've got some great company on the Nice List this year, too: Those guys that just landed a probe on a moving comet - How cool was that!? They're totally here, and so is Chris Hemsworth for both saving the world as Thor for a third time - And Oprah is ALWAYS on the Nice list. Always.

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