How much do you REALLY love the 90's?

Later this year we've got an incredible collection of classic 90's acts heading to Resorts World Arena as part of the We Love The 90's Tour! To celebrate, we've put a quiz together which will tell us how much you REALLY love the 90's!

It'sAll Birmingham
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On Aug 21, 2019
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How much do you REALLY love the 90's?

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Finish the lyrics to Whigfields 'Saturday Night':
"Saturday night, I feel the...

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Which Jamaican rapper released 'Boombastic' in 1995?

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Which traditional American folk song did Swedish dance group Rednex cover in 1995?

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Which was the first Spice Girls single to fail to reach number one spot in the UK singles chart?

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Which Boyzone member had a solo number one with this debut single "When You Say Nothing At All"?

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In which year was Mr Blobby Christmas number one?

7 / 10

What was the name of the Captain speaking at the start of Vengaboys' 'We're Going to Ibiza'?

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DJ Sash! had a hit single named after which South American country?

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Which group released the single 'Barbie Girl' in 1997?

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What was the LAST UK Number 1 single of the 90's?

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