Entirely Holby Awards Shortlist 2019

Welcome to Entirely Holby's Awards 2019 - this awards to based on CASUALTY & HOLBY CITY 2018 episodes, characters and storylines. Voting closes 26th January 2019 at mid-day.

Holby City Best Actor

Alex Walkinshaw (Fletch)
Lee Mead (Lofty)
Guy Henry (Henrik)
Bob Barrett (Sacha)
James Anderson (Oliver)
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Holby City Best Actress

Jaye Jacobs (Donna)
Olga Fedori (Frieda)
Rosie Marcel (Jac)
Catherine Russell (Serena)
Hermione Gulliford (Roxanna)
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Casualty Best Actor

Derek Thompson (Charlie)
Jason Durr (David)
William Beck (Dylan)
George Rainsford (Ethan)
Michael Stevenson (Iain)
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Best Casualty Actress

Chelsea Halfpenny (Alicia)
Amanda Mealing (Connie)
Jaye Griffiths (Elle)
Cathy Shipton (Duffy)
Amanda Henderson (Robyn)
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Best Exit

Charlotte Salt as Sam Nicholls - Casualty
Jamie Davis as Max Walker - Casualty
Hermione Gulliford as Roxanna MacMillan - Holby City
Paul McGann as John Gaskell - Holby City
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Favorite Newcomer

Maddy Hill as Ruby Spark - Casualty
Shaheen Jafargholi as Marty Kirkby - Casualty
Marcus Griffiths as Xavier "Zav" Duval - Holby City
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Favorite Guest

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Best Storyline of 2018

Sam's death - Casualty
Alicia's rape - Casualty
Connie's cancer - Casualty
Sacha's depression - Holby City
Gaskell's stem cell project- Holby City
Fletch's family problems - Holby City
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Favorite Couple

Max & Zoe - Casualty
Charlie & Duffy - Casualty
Serena & Bernie - Holby City
Dom & Lofty - Holby City
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Funniest Character

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Best Medical Drama

Holby City
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