Can You Tell the Difference Between Real and Fake News?

Can you really tell real news from fake just from a headline? Test your knowledge of the news with this quiz that pits fact against fiction and find out how you measure up!

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President Trump Mocked Prime Minister Trudeau for Celebrating Thanksgiving Six Weeks Early  

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The Washington Redskins were stranded in their locker rooms overnight by Philadelphia police angry that players "took a knee" during a game against the Eagles on October 23

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Pipe Bomb Handed Back to Passenger by Airport Guard

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Man Walks in to Haunted House with Chainsaw, Murders 7 People

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Police Believe Venezuela Zoo Animals Stolen For Food Amid Crisis

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Police Appeal for Information About Chicken Crossing Road

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Truck Carrying Dough Overflows After Heat Makes It Rise

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FEMA Says Texans Will Need to Be Vaccinated Before They Can Receive Aid After Hurricane Harvey

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Arkansas Woman Used Government Funds To Buy Her Dog A Tuxedo

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United States Treasury Announces Plans to Produce a New $20 Bill Featuring Confederate General Robert E. Lee.  

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Immigrants Arrested for Starting California Wildfires

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Charmin Tries To Get "Mad Pooper" To Turn Herself In

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Texas Mosque Refuses to Help Hurricane Harvey Survivors

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Judge Orders Hawaii Man To Write 144 Compliments About His Ex-Girlfriend

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Indonesia Deploys Soldiers To Protect Against Marauding Monkeys

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NYC Muslim Terrorist Donated Thousands to Obama Campaigns

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Fox News Quietly Files Injunction Against Facebook Fake News Ban

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