The benefits of using cast iron pots

Created By Alexialinda
On May 28, 2018
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In the kitchen the material with which it is cooked is of vital importance. Choosing pans and pots of a material that can wear out spoiling easily can be very expensive in the long run. For this reason, cast iron pots stand out as the most cost-effective option in the long run.

The high resistance of the cast iron pots, in addition to their non-stick properties and their durability, make them the ideal options. A cast iron pot lasts 10 times longer than a een pan van gietijzer, and keeping the properties in perfect condition.

5 Reasons to Use Cast Iron Pots

Until not long ago, for me to use cast iron pots was a nightmare. I knew them, but it never occurred to me to investigate much about them, since they seemed so heavy that I could not believe that someone wanted to use them every day. Then I realized that there really are reasons to use cast iron pots, so I thought it was an excellent idea to share them so that you can also change your benefits and not think so much about their weight.

1. Lasting
If the cast iron pots are properly cared for they can last for years, to the point of being passed from generation to generation. This makes them a few pots both ecological and economic in the long term.

2. Heat distribution
There is nothing more frustrating in the kitchen than having a pot that when you use, you have to walk the food from one side to the other, since the distribution of heat is not uniform and if you do not, it will burn. When using cast iron pots, the distribution of heat is the same, so the food that is in the center, receives the same heat as the food that is on the edge of the pan or pot, that if, always try to use the size of burners suitable to the size of your pot or pan.

3. From the burner to the oven
One of the great benefits of using cast iron pots is that you can cook your food in the burner and then finish it cooking in the oven in case you are preparing a gratin for example, less to wash! That's right, make sure you have heat-resistant mittens because you can get burned, so be careful.

4. Cleaning
If you decide to use cast iron pots, you will notice that cleaning them is extremely easy, as you clean them with a damp cloth to remove the residue of food and, voila, no dishwashing detergent, nor the Waterjet. You will wonder why it is not needed and the reason is simple, the pots get hot and kill any microbe that may remain and the detergent can remove the layer that is left when you cure it, so you will also save on detergent, since you do not need wash them with the dishwasher that you normally use.

5. Less calories
If you still do not convince yourself to use cast iron cooking pots, I tell you that once they are well cured by using them constantly, you can reduce considerably the use of oils or butters, thus helping to significantly reduce the calories in your food.