Everyone wants to be a superhero

filip simoens
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On Oct 24, 2018
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Superhero Games and Activities for Kids

Kids love superheroes, and it’s no wonder! They’re brave, confident, and they help people in need. With these superhero games and activities for kids, your child will see why it’s fun to be a superhero and maybe pick up some of these qualities as they play! For more inspiration, the personalized book Super Kid! lets your child be the superhero, with different super powers. Your child can wear the mask and matching cape and feel like he or she can save the world!
Super Speed Race
Shift into hyper speed and see which superhero will win! Draw a finish line with spray paint or tape in your backyard and use a timer to catch your super racers in action. This superhero activity also encourages kids to be active and to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible before school starts.
Treasure Hunt
Superhero headquarters received top secret information that there’s pirate treasure buried somewhere in your area! Use your superhero detective skills to decipher the clues and find it. For this superhero game, hide clues around your house or yard that hint at where the next treasure piece is located. At each clue spot, you can hide a part of the treasure such as candy, a small toy, a piece of pirate gold, or parts of a pirate costume (an eye patch, a toy bird, etc.). End the night with a swashbuckling, personalized story such as My Very Own Pirate Tale, so kids can continue their pirate adventure!