What robot do you need?

Personality quiz (Light)

Irina Taymi
Создан... Irina Taymi
в Jul 11, 2018
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I want a robot

What is more important for you in a robot?

What gadget do you like?

Choose the element which suits you

What is your favorite type of music?

What place you would like to visit?

What will the Earth of the future look like?

Describe yourself

What is your favorite superhero?

What are you afraid of?

Fun robot!

Fun robot!

It can become your best friend.



This robot will help you in case of emergency. It will also help to make a menu for a week or to clean up a house.

It’s the best way to surprise everyone.

It’s the best way to surprise everyone.

A wild animal with a  gentle and friendly character.

Super dancer!

Super dancer!

It can help you to keep fit.

Skyeng Hero ты есть в группе для учеников?

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