6 Remodeling Ideas To Give Your Office A New Feel

It’s possible to make that old office new again. A fit out is the trick to enhance the functionality and vibe of your space.

Ashly William
Created by Ashly William
On Mar 20, 2019
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It’s possible to make that old office new again. A fit out is the trick to enhance the functionality and vibe of your space. The benefits of great office design on employee performance and job satisfaction are well appreciated. However, a fit-out will make office productivity shoot through the roof. This requires finding the right professional commercial interior design team in Abu Dhabi. With the 6 ideas highlighted below, your workspace will get freshened up and reinvented to the delight of employees and customers.

Portray your brand

Clothes portray someone’s personality. So, your office space must reflect your brand spirit depending on how you’d like to portray it to the outside world. A workspace embodying your brand spirit gives employees a chance to go beyond understanding core values. Your staff must live and portray them regularly. The choice of furniture and space layout or wall art must reinforce your company culture. Additionally, have the old and boring cubicles spruced up with color, personality, and artwork.

Natural concepts

This includes elements like natural light and natural elements in your space. Introducing the outdoors into your workspace boosts creativity and mood. Additionally, it breaks up the visual monotony in regular office spaces. Consider giving staff more access to windows and introducing plants and natural elements in your workspace. Another idea is to incorporate eco-friendly products like tables, desks, chairs, and cabinets from recycled materials. The right interior design company will have a range of solutions to introduce green elements in your office.

Eliminate clutter

An office with clutter looks very unprofessional. Employees have to struggle to dig through piles of paperwork to find the appropriate documents. Additionally, paper piles collect dust on the desks and it becomes stressful having to regular work in such a disorganized environment. Luckily, professional interior design in Abu Dhabi is the solution to a better working environment. This might come with creative storage options and innovative ways to organize your office. The office fit out will leak your space neat and organized promoting higher productivity.

Using color wisely

Color has a significant impact on mood. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right color palette for your office wisely. To avoid your employee mood from being a mix of blahs and yawns, your walls and furniture need a better color than grey. Using color wisely is a trick to portray your brand and culture in your workspace. Ideas to use color include:

  • Green to lessen eye fatigue
  • Yellow to promote happiness and creativity
  • Red for areas with physical activity

The message and feel you’re trying to send to employees and customers will only come out with careful choice of colors. This is brought about through wall paint and choice of furniture and accessories. Vibrant and energizing colors enhance productivity while calming tones prevent stress. 

Dedicated chill space

Getting the most from your employees requires offering them a dedicated place for relaxation. This is extremely important if you have an open office plan prone to overwhelming noise sometimes. This doesn’t require allowing staff to lounge at home after working from 9 to 5. The modern idea is to have space for mental breaks for eye and tension relief plus boosting focus and creativity. Additionally, it’s a great idea to boost staff morale. The chill zone might include beanbag chairs or other lounge-style furniture complete with dart boards, Ping-Pong tables, or other fun games.

Human-centered furniture

Your business relies on staff to succeed. So, you need human-centered furniture to enhance productivity, wellbeing, and employee comfort. Your furniture must encourage engagement and movement. Alternatively, consider larger desks for two or more employees to work together. Wellness is another basic feature for modern office design. Unhealthy employees cost the business a lot when they abscond leading to low productivity. This might be encouraged by disengaging and uncomfortable furniture. Investing in ergonomic furniture that encourages physical activity at work is a great idea.

Wrapping up

A fit out is essential to spruce up your workplace. This encourages productivity, makes it more appealing to customers, and brings out your company culture and brand appeal. The ideas highlighted above are essential to give your office space a new look. However, this is possible when you team up with a professional and reliable interior design team serving the UAE.