How to Harness Your Confidence When Dating Russian Women

Confidence is key when dating Russian women.

Gary R. Shoop
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Confidence is key when dating Russian women. If you ever had the pleasure of spending one on one time with a Russian woman, you know that despite being beautiful and incredibly feminine, they expect certain things and are unafraid to let those expectations be known. That is part of who a true Russian woman is. They put the effort into looking good and expect men to do the same. Moreover, Russian women work hard to advance in both their careers and home life and expect their partners to be on their level. A huge factor in meeting those standards is confidence. Otherwise, Russian women will not give you a second glance. Let’s talk more about confidence and how to harness yours so you can date Russian women successfully.

It may sound a tad shallow, but confidence starts with how you look. Correction – it starts with how you present yourself. You don’t have to be an incredibly handsome man to radiate confidence. In fact, inner confidence is a huge contributor to a man’s appeal. To harness that inner confidence, ensure you are always groomed. This includes getting regular haircuts, shaving or trimming your facial hair, taking care of your skin, nails, ensuring you are well dressed (even for casual occasions) and smelling fresh! Have you noticed how good you feel when you make these efforts? Well, it shows in your body language too! Speaking of body language, remember to stand up tall with your shoulders back and avoid fidgeting as well as placing your hands in your pockets. Women, especially Russian women, pick up on these things. 

Another tip for radiating the confidence needed to impress a Russian woman is getting comfortable in the leadership role. Russian women prefer to sit back and let a man take care of everything. That is part of the dating culture in Russia. They want a guy to come in and say, “Don’t worry, I got this.” Can Russian women take care of themselves? Of course they can. That is what single women do. Despite that, they find men who take the reins very attractive. Leading involves being a gentleman, planning dates and other outings, covering expenses and the confidence of a leader shows in your communication style, more specifically during one on one conversations. For example, leading conversations and keeping her engaged while putting the focus on her so that she feels valued puts you in the leadership role. As for the three previously mentioned ways to show confidence, they deserve to be discussed more in depth. 

Being a gentleman is simple. Just treat a woman with respect. Be kind, attentive, listen to her, open doors for her, pull out her chair and simply make her feel special. You know, the way a woman should be treated. Planning dates and other outings is a bit more complicated, especially since men often have hesitations because they don’t know if their date will like what they plan. Obviously, you want to impress her but don’t overthink it. You’re supposed to be confident, remember? Now for covering expenses, it is important to mention that you should only cover expenses associated with taking her on dates. This doesn’t involve paying her living expenses or giving her money if she asks. In fact, both are red flags that you have connected with a selfish Russian woman who is just after your money. Expenses you should pay for include dinner, paying for any entertainment like a live show or cinema tickets as well as fees associated with trips you invite her on. Paying and confidence are intertwined because with financial stability comes confidence. Men who support themselves and treat others to a good time are viewed as leaders in society, especially by women. This doesn’t mean you have to be rich and live the high life. Wealth isn’t a factor. It is about stability and having the means to occasionally enjoy nice things.

Lastly, remember the most important element of confidence is authenticity. Confidence isn’t about putting on airs. It is about being comfortable with yourself and reaching a point where you’re self-assured and can embrace your flaws. Flaws are what make people unique and beautiful. The balance humanizes you and, better yet, adds intrigue.

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