3 Ways To Recover Deleted History In Windows

Do you know even if you delete your history on browser, you can still get access to your view history with the help of caches? This is helpful in retrieving the history data of the previous user or if you want to visit your previously accessed files or pages. There are various ways by which you can recover deleted history in your Windows computer. Read further to learn how you can do it.

Ben Waren
Created By Ben Waren
On Jun 29, 2018
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Using DNS Cache

Even if you delete your history from the browser, DNS caches saves every data related to internet, apps and programs. Click on Start and navigate to Run. In the search box, type cmd and select OK. This will open the Command Prompt. Now type ipconfig/displaydns and press Enter. This will show you internet history and allow you to recover your deleted history.

Use Reliable Recovery Software

There are various types of recovery software available in the market. Some of the popular programs include Recuva and Data Recovery Wizard. Download the free software from the internet and run the installer to install the program on your system. Once the program is installed on your computer, open it and select the types of files you want to recover, followed by selecting the location where you want to initiate the scan. Click the Start button and wait for the scanning process to complete. Once the scanning is complete, you will get the options to recover the files and the destination folder where you want to save the files. Choose the location and press OK.

By Accessing Your Google Account

This method works only when if you were logged in your Google account during browsing session. It is the easiest method to recover your deleted history. So if you were logged in during your browsing history, all you need is to log in your Google account and then go to www.google.com/history and type the information for your browsing account. Now you can access your browsing history according to time and date.

Following these methods, you will be able to easily recover your deleted history in Windows.