Selecting Solar Panels Based on Three Aspects

Selecting Solar Panels Based on Three Aspects

It would be very difficult to select a solar panel nowadays considering the staggering number of options available. When searching for the best solar panels for your residence there are 3 critical factors to consider. Warranty, production and efficiency are on the list.

It is essential to think about the production of your solar panels in order to know how many panels you need to attain a certain level of production. Solar panels available today range from 250 to 360 watt panels, Cleaner NRG and will specifically impact your savings. Solar panels with a lower production (such as 250 watts panels) will need you to get more panels in order to give you the same result as less panels with a higher production (such as 360 watt panels).

Solar panels are also driven by efficiency and degradation rate. Correspondingly, these factors affect the longevity of your panels and how much electrical power they can generate through the years. The efficiency of solar panels available today vary from 12.4 - 22% efficiency. SunPower X-Series panels are among the most efficient choices today since they have 22.8% efficiency. Degradation rates will also differ from panel to panel and some of the finest available on the market are SunPower's new SPWR panels with a degradation rate lower than 0.3% per year. With solar being a longer-term commitment it's vital for homeowners to keep the long term production into account when looking at their solar panel options.

Homeowners should also look into the presented warranties when looking for the best solar panels. Warranties will vary in line with the manufacturer and installer a homeowners chooses and will typically include two parts; a power and product warranty. With the power warranty, the homeowner can ensure that the solar panels are generating the amount stated by the maker. Meanwhile, the product warranty covers repair of parts (including the solar panels and the inverters) in case they fail to function within the stipulated period. You should look into how long these warranties will last and also their coverage. Some companies will cover things such as delivery and labour costs of removing, click here and changing the panels where by others will not. Furthermore, the warranty period established by some companies on their panels is 10 years while companies like SunPower is twenty-five years.

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